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Flower Power – 2

Continuation to the previous post…Here’s the white frame.







Flower Power – Part 1

I got my quilling supplies yesterday and my hands were just itching to try them out.

Materials Used :

Photo Frames – I purchased plain frames from IKEA

Quilling Paper – The ones I used for the are 25mm metallic red (rose) and blue (fringed flower), the rest is 5mm solid colours

Stones – Yellow and Green

Metal Slotted Tool



Before we start let me just share this video which I used for learning to make the fringed flower and rose. However for the fringed flower I used scissors and cut it.

The inspiration behind this is quiet evident…FLOWERS !!! I’m just in a “Go Green” mood 🙂

I worked on 4 frames, 3 wood ones and a white frame which can be used to display two photographs so I made flowers on both the sides.




Color Me Danglers

I got this idea for earrings and I wanted to try it out desperately so needed to put a hold on the clay project.  I used connecting loops to form the chain for the danglers…so without further delay here they are 🙂I am looking for quilling supplies in Dubai so if there are any readers from UAE please leave me a comment as to where I can get some. Thanks in advance 🙂