Naturally Ceramic

I bought these plain white mugs in Muscat and since we were relocating I just stashed them away. I finally got some basic ceramic paints and decided I would complete the project.

Materials Used:

Ceramic Paint – Fevicryl Basic Pack *



Cloth – Just to keep your hands clean

*Now before purchasing the ceramic paints make sure they are oven proof, the reason for that is to ensure the paints are water proof, you need to dry it for 1-2 days and then bake it in an oven as per the instructions mentioned on the pack.

I googled for some ideas on what design I wanted to recreate…and came across this lovely site on etsy. I loved her work…so simple and so very pretty.

However I couldn’t get the fineness that she’s got…guess it will come with practice.

I made another pair but this one’s an original piece, the spirals were inspired by the zentangle pattern 🙂

Honestly I am not satisfied with the finishing but like I said need to keep practicing to get it better, so make sure you don’t give up and keep pushing yourself 🙂



Posted on September 6, 2011, in Ceramic Painting. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. i feel all of them are really sweet in their own way….just loved them …finally u made it haan.

  2. wow…beautiful work aparna

  3. Very beautiful…all look shooo cute and beautiful

  4. Very nice work, Aparna!

  5. well done…keep going…

  6. cool..though need to improve finishing touches…n r ur hands a lil shaky??

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