Magnetic attraction :)

I had made some clay molds back when I was in Muscat and since we were relocating I decided I would paint on them when I came to Dubai. A few weeks back I came across these molds and wanted to make some more refrigerator magnets (I totally love them cos it makes my fridge so personal and colorful).

Materials Used :

1. DAS clay – This is fantastic clay to work with for craft projects as it air dries and does not need to be baked.

2. Magnetic strips – I came across these at a stationery shop in Muscat, sure they are available in any office supply store.

3. Fevircryl Acrylic Pearl Kit and Fevricryl Acrylic Paint

4. Googly eyes for the lady bird – This is available in any craft store. I got mine from India.

So without further ado here’s the recent addition to my collection… 🙂


My coming projects could be some quilling and some painting, will keep you posted 🙂




Posted on August 31, 2011, in Clay Crafts. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. They’re terribly cute Appu. I love the water lily one. Love the watermark too. 🙂

  2. thanks a lot thara…i knew you wud like the water lily 🙂

  3. ohhhhh they r cho chweet….really cute designs…keep going ….i loved the lady bug…

  4. Hi Appu, Lemme first congratulate u for this interesting blog, I incidentally happened to pass thru your blog today and was attracted by the fridge magnets u have come out with. Hats off! I live in abu dhabi and may Iask you if we get DAS clay in UAE (any expansion for DAS?) . Tks in advance

  5. Very lovely. You should make a yellow smiley face one.

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