Beaded Key Chain

Here’s another creation I did today over the afternoon….I used steel loops, a key chain ring, a bell and plastic beads all of which I got from my last trip to India. Going from the last post and this one I am assuming I am in a colorful mood ๐Ÿ™‚Okay this is definitely the last post for the day….too much of anything isn’t good ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. its so good …. i loved the colors n combination

  2. hi, why don’t you start some sort of a high end boutique specialising in personalised items?
    i think you have the potential to be the next chopard in jewellery , susanne roshanne in interior designing and the next crafts man(oops! woman) whose works are sold in bulk in emporiums et al….. all combined into one !!!
    i have seen your works and i am not exaggerating at all- the picture of a “couple” that you made is now hanging framed above the bedroom in periappa’s house and it’s beautiful.
    the color scheme that you chose for their house is very good.
    the earrings that you make are worth buying ( if only they were for sale!!!)

    i have even got a name for your boutique – how’s ethnochic??:-)
    at least think about it, i think you should maybe not directly open , first just try selling the items to friends maybe( i will give you a hint – i maybe your first customer!:-) )and then eventually open a shop….. financing maybe a problem but maybe you will get some some help through the web like maybe put it up for sale in e- bay or something i don’t know really, but i think it’s an idea worth pursuing…..
    i don’t know whether you like the idea or not or whether you think it’s childish but i think had you been with us i would exhort you to do it…..

    • hi shobana,

      thanks a lot for leaving a comment……yes i had made that painting for my parents anniversary.

      as for your idea….something is in the pipeline…so hopefully something will be happening soon. the name you’ve suggested is lovely…and thanks for the suggestion.

      take care, appu

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