Just yellow….

Another quilled creation…..I used shades of yellow…the top most loop is a banana yellow and the lower a mango yellow. The top most loop I made by twirling the paper into a normal circle and gluing it together and I noticed that this makes it very strong and takes the weight of the paper.

I’ve taken a very fond liking to quilling…and in case you want to try….you could use the paper in your office shredder to practice ….You would be helping recycle paper !! 🙂




The project I plan on working on next is going to be something with clay…so look out for that one!! 🙂




Posted on August 10, 2011, in Jewellery, Quilling. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Looks very beautiful… Appu…

  2. its awesome dear….keep going 🙂

  3. wow…that’s lovely Aparna…there is a lady in Alain who does beautiful quilling and i think she has some stuff…her name is yasmin and she has a blog called hooks and laces…i have her number..please do mail me…i can forward her contact info.she is there in my fb friend list

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