Peacock Feather

Traditionally the most commonly used support for water colors is paper but other supports include papyrus,bark papers,plastics,vellum or leather,fabric,wood and canvas. I’ve used canvas for this one. I wanted to do a peacock feather because I wanted a challenge with water colors and I thought this would be perfect.

So here it is….the water color peacock feather!!







Posted on August 8, 2011, in Paintings. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Its very pretty. Couldn’t have been easy to have that perfect control. I was doing a little watercolours, yday with the boys and understood the challenge of it. This is very pretty! I think perhaps the range of colours could have been richer, like in a peacock feather.

    • yes it is very challenging and i did spend the whole morning on this one….i don’t know how far you can achieve a rich look while working with water colors but i will try….


    Periamma commented that the pecock feather is really fabulous and no other words can match with that

  3. wow ! looks perfect !!! so much patience to get it right i guess ! kooool…….and have been noticing for a while…i think u have something for peacock feathers & this combination(wink wink)…not sure where i saw something similar to this one on ur pages…was it on something quilled !? watever ! but loved this one ! such a neat work !

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