Quilled Earrings 2

Did you know that quilling was also known Paper Filigree?? Interesting huh….and it’s been around right from the Renaissance period where French and Italian nuns used this to decorate their book covers…how cool is that! Anyways back to the post…..I had a few ideas in mind and I wanted to try them out.

I used quilling paper , stick on stones (added some fevicol just to make sure it sticks well), hooks and loops. All of them are available in any craft supply store…..I bought mine from India.

Here’s the first one….I was thinking how I love the aqua blue and I had the same shade of paper….and the best shape was the classic water drop πŸ™‚ The brown stone was just to add some contrast.

The 2nd one… I decided I would try to make a heart shaped one by combining two together. I like how the cream paper and the magenta stone compliment each other.

The last one…well I am obsessed with the peacock feather and a lover of colours don’t you think it’s just a beautiful combination…so had to try it out for myself. I did this one by gluing the pieces of paper together and quilling them. I kept the stone here a deep yellow.


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  1. wow… loved the second one soooo much,,, too good appu.. u rock πŸ™‚

  2. Its awesome appu………. i loved the last one……….. toooooooooooo gud

  3. Awesome … nothing other than that… i will try quilling…The last one is mind blowing πŸ™‚

  4. The peacock earrings are so pretty! πŸ™‚ Make a pendant too to match!

  5. All the 3 earings are very beautiful dear…

  6. all of them are cool !!! but personally i love the 3rd one the best !!!!

  7. amaaaaazing……….yaar cant express how beautiful they are…really nice..,…loved it so much…..i think all of them are beautiful….the combinations compliment each other really well…..

  8. Love the blue ones.. Should go real good with something Ethnic! Keep Quilling! πŸ™‚

  9. hi appu awesome work. can u tell me from where did u buy those earring hooks.? where in india?

  10. Very nice colors, you have nice taste of color combinations…I loved the cream one very much…

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