Refrigerator Magnets

I had come across these self adhesive magnetic strips at the stationery during one of my visits and well I didn’t buy it then because I didn’t know how I would use it but it was in the back of my head.

I love refrigerator magnets …. don’t ask me why….and well guess what….I got the perfect use for those magnetic strips.

I used the DAS modelling clay and stuck the magnets to them and ta-dah!!!!

The red flower is actually a combination of circles which I overlapped against each other. The green heart, yellow star and purple flower are just going with my latest obssession which is “zentangles” and lastly the blue one is just an ornamental one.

My favorites are the red flower and the yellow star….what’s yours?


Posted on January 14, 2011, in Clay Crafts. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. I love fridge magnets too….awesome work..:) make one and keep it for me..will take it from you sooonnnnnnn………

    • sure sups….will make one for you as well…..have also made a cushion cover for you and kept is aside….will send it from chennai…..just give mail me your postal address in mumbai…. 🙂

  2. Hey Aparna,
    very soon m going to raid ur house!!!.i just what u’ve done with modelling clays(if i understand correctly what u meant by DAS clay)i love the red flower too.
    give me half ur brain and i will try something good too :P.
    i am not going to through a single thing away while cleaning up my house. would ask u once…..’cos u come up with such unexpected of things from petty stuffs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

    • I n not going to THROW…i mispelt as “through”

    • @ Ipsita,
      Thank you so much….you’re being too kind…..yes don’t throw stuff….recycle and make them into crafts….:)i can try and give you ideas…..
      @ Thara
      Yes I’ll make some magnets for you as well….and will leave the red flower for you….:)

  3. Defly. the red flower. Its beautiful. Love the zentangle star too. Very interesting magnets!

  4. I want one red flower. Leave it with Amma for me. 😀

  5. really awesome…i liked the blue n purple….

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