Glass Painting

Wanted to do some glass painting and needed some practice on those finer lines details and this is what came out of the practice session….going to use this for my creeper 🙂






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  1. Glass painting is defly. your thing. Set this glass against a window light source and try making it a suncatcher.

  2. Encrazed Crafts

    Hey Appu, you probably already know, but there is a liquid leading you can buy as well as a non-stick plastic sheet at places like Michael’s. I never purchased it, but looked into it. Basically, (if I read it correctly :P) you place a design you like under the plastic, trace it with the liquid leading, then fill in the design with whatever colors you like. Once dry you peel off your creation and you can stick it right to a window, making a suncatcher as tharinid suggested.

    • Hey,

      Yes I have seen this product in one of the stores here and I’ve been very tempted to pick it up…think I shall check out again the next time I visit the store.


  3. Aps I think these glasses places underneath any type of overhead or recessed lighting will look amazing. The reflected light will make the colors look beautiful. I think you should just place them as they are – they are just sooo nicely done. You have great hand skill dude.

    • well as of now im not making any changes in the placement….dont have much options to be honest……maybe once we move to a bigger place i can take into account all the suggestions………thanks….i try…..practice makes perfect… im still not there….:)

  4. Aparna
    i have half a dozen of those cheese spread small glasses. would u mind making me such things PLEASE:(. i’d like to use them as candle holders.
    also…one of tehse days why dont u just spend the whole day here….and teach me glass painting.i tried on my own but m sure there is a better way. will try in btn my baby’s sleep haha…what say

    • Yes, I’ll make them for you and I’ll teach you glass painting too….very easy actually….they look really love when the candles are lit 🙂

  5. beautifull….n neatly done.

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