CD Wall Hanging

This is a great idea to reuse those old CD’s. All you need is glass paint, outliner( I’ve used black and gold) and satin ribbon to attach the ribbons to each other.

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  1. Wow. This is just fantastic. Doesn’t look like a cd beneath it at all appu. Fantastic. Fabulous! I would love to see it in different formations too, rather than just one below the other. It could create an interesting visual effect,t ho it might mean more nails on the wall. 🙂

    • well k will kill me if i drill any nails into the walls….so just keeping it simple now…..maybe when we shift into a new place will make it more interesting 😀

  2. You should try the typical, Ganesha, Krishna with it too. Wud look interesying. 🙂 You’re getting ready with a collection fit for an exhibition. Its something tot hink about Appu, seriously. Having your own home expo.

  3. Old CD’s ???? ahem….MY NEW UNUSED CD’S !!!!
    anyways…it looks beautiful !
    Good one.

  4. Tooo beautiful. Very creative. I gotta try this…sooo pretty Aps..keep up the good work. Love it :))

  5. This CD work is just superb. I will give you some more CDs, make some for me ….I can use it for decoration during Ganapati!!!!

    Once again Just Marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Encrazed Crafts

    Very nice work! If you didn’t mention that they were CDs I probably would not have even noticed. The detail you have added shows a skilled and steady hand. A job well done with those details showcased in the bottom-most picture, all those lines must have been a mixture of frustration and determination. My favorite is the top one, the gold background and the design have almost a Spanish flare to it which comes together very well.

    Oh, and your claim that this is a great idea for old or used CDs still stands. You never said you made *these* out of used CDs, merely that you recommend using older CDs to avoid the ‘Wrath of the Significant Other’ 😀

    • Thank you so much.

      You’re right I did mention that you could reuse the old CDs and not that I used them 😀 My favs are the one on top and the bottom. Yes it was a little frustrating to get those fine lines and sometimes I hold my breath just so that I can completely concentrate 😀

  8. Ok, these will go in my must-do list. You gotta tell me what I need to equip myself with to do them….lovely Appu!

    btw : LOVE the header. I might request you to make one for me….someone(wink wink) was supposed to be making one for me like for TWO years now! *rolling eyes at T*

    • glass paint, glass outliner – gold,silver,black…any of your choice…and lastly the CDs…..the design…whatever comes to your mind….
      as for the header….thank you so much….i used a reference for the girl which i got online but i did from scratch on psp….font all credit goes to the one you’re rolling eyes at 😛 but sure ill make a header for you…..but i didn’t know you had a blog…..hope you’re enjoying thanksgiving 🙂

  9. its a gr8 idea..i do have lots of waste cd at home well i will try making one at home…beautifull designs.

  10. Love your designs and the brilliant color!

  11. Simple reuse of old cds

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