We all like magazines,but what do you do when you are done reading them? Well here’s a good idea to recycle those magazine pages and you can use these in anyway you can think of, I used it to decorate some places in my house.

Materials that you require are:

1. Magazine Pages – Try to get nice bright coloured pages




Now that you have all the materials we are just 3 steps away from creating our butterfly.

Step 1.

Fold the pages in half and cut them into an oval shape, half of an oval so that when you open it up it becomes a whole. You need to cut up two ovals this way one will be slightly bigger than the other.Simlilarly cut the body part of the butterfly.

Step 2.

Do you remember how we used to make chinese fans when we were in school, now in the same manner fold the ovals.

Step 3.

Now take both the folded ovals and place them next to each other, tie them together in the middle  with the thread. Once you have secured the knot, open up the folds and you should get the wings of the butterfly.When you have opened up the wings, take a drop of glue and apply it on the body cut-out and stick that on top of the thread so the thread is concealed.


Posted on September 30, 2010, in Paper crafts. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. These really are the prettiest things. You should try your hand at origami!

  2. Hi Appu, me n Nidhi loved your creations and especially these cute colorful butterflies!
    Keep them coming….


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