Flower Power – 2

Continuation to the previous post…Here’s the white frame.







Flower Power – Part 1

I got my quilling supplies yesterday and my hands were just itching to try them out.

Materials Used :

Photo Frames – I purchased plain frames from IKEA

Quilling Paper – The ones I used for the are 25mm metallic red (rose) and blue (fringed flower), the rest is 5mm solid colours

Stones – Yellow and Green

Metal Slotted Tool



Before we start let me just share this video which I used for learning to make the fringed flower and rose. However for the fringed flower I used scissors and cut it.


The inspiration behind this is quiet evident…FLOWERS !!! I’m just in a “Go Green” mood 🙂

I worked on 4 frames, 3 wood ones and a white frame which can be used to display two photographs so I made flowers on both the sides.




Naturally Ceramic

I bought these plain white mugs in Muscat and since we were relocating I just stashed them away. I finally got some basic ceramic paints and decided I would complete the project.

Materials Used:

Ceramic Paint – Fevicryl Basic Pack *



Cloth – Just to keep your hands clean

*Now before purchasing the ceramic paints make sure they are oven proof, the reason for that is to ensure the paints are water proof, you need to dry it for 1-2 days and then bake it in an oven as per the instructions mentioned on the pack.

I googled for some ideas on what design I wanted to recreate…and came across this lovely site on etsy. I loved her work…so simple and so very pretty.



However I couldn’t get the fineness that she’s got…guess it will come with practice.

I made another pair but this one’s an original piece, the spirals were inspired by the zentangle pattern 🙂

Honestly I am not satisfied with the finishing but like I said need to keep practicing to get it better, so make sure you don’t give up and keep pushing yourself 🙂